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spoopy-spice asked: Can you recommend and good websites where I can get witchy stuff for spells and things?

Here’s a masterpost.

I just use Etsy, Ebay, and shops around my town.


Grossular var. Tsavorite, Graphite and Apatite-(CaF) | ©Fine Mineral Galleries |

Merelani Hills (Mererani), Lelatema Mts, Arusha Region, Tanzania.


Muir Woods National Monument | phill!


A younger Demeter. 

POC Pagan/Witch/Magic Practitioner Directory


People of Color Pagan/Witch/magic resource blogs:

Pagans of Color

Queer People of Color Witch Club

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witchthot (Tyra): Self professed “Hood Witch” which is a mixture of afro-spiritualties and city witch.  Hoodoo/conjure/rootwork, Empath, Feel connections to Oshun and Erzulie Freda, Love and healing magic, connection to fae

: Eclectic, Kitchen witchery, Herbal magic 

missmagius (Ireri): Tarot, Divination 

Voidjuju / (Luna): Green and eclectic witch, specialties: Tarot, healing, spells, and kitchen witchery 

 (Anito Anum)spiritwork and animism heavily influenced by ancestral traditions (aka filipino polytheism and filipino folk christianity), northern tradition paganism, and chaos magick.

Hoodoo-seed: Hoodoo, Palero (initiated into Palo Mayombe), Vodou

Storiesandconjure: Spiritualism, Medium, sorcery, Witchcraft 

autisticdean (Z): Protection spells 

lesbianspaceprincex (Luna): TWOC, beginning brujeria (via tinctures and new/full moon rituals, altar making) and curanderisma. Interested in refining crafts and skills

Alienschoolgirl (Desiree): Glamour magic, tarot, empath, Divination, Fae magic 

smallbuddhistbigcity (Weiwen): chan Buddhist/city witch

blackgirlsaremagic: Hoodoo, non-label 

primadollly (Dolly)Brujería, influenced by folk Catholicism and Islam. Tarot, animism 

: Catholic witch/occultism

Methods of Grounding


The term grounding means connecting to the Earth, and it is one that spans from numerous different cultures, traditions, and spiritual practices. To be grounded means to be connected to the Earth’s energies. Here are some methods to ground yourself to our Earth. 

  1. Go Outside. Be out in nature; go to a field, a mountain, a swamp, a river, a stream, a beach, the ocean. Get out of the office, off of the couch. Be in the presence of nature, be in the presence of life.
  2. Walk In Nature Barefoot. Enjoy some quality barefoot time. The human species has thrived for thousands of years barefoot, let’s take the time to return to this practice in our daily life.
  3. Grounding Chord. Visualize, see, feel, or simply be aware of the center of the Earth and the free energy that it emits. With your mind and heart, reach down into the core, and pull up a pulsing, twisting chord of energy from the depths of the Earth. Hook this chord onto your root chakra or sacral chakra, and feel the immediate connection between you and the Earth as the energy flows through you. You may become aware of a sinking feeling, a tightening and flexing of the perineum and muscles in your groin and butt area. Conversely, you can also flex these muscles and concentrate on sending the chord down into the Earth, as well.Practice and repeat this process as often as you need. Experiment with different chords of different colors and thicknesses, and experience the incredibly wide variety of sensations that it will instill in you.
  4. Tree Meditation. Visualize, see, feel or simply be aware of your body, and become a tree. Feel your feet grow roots that sink down into the Earth and anchor you to it. Feel your legs and thighs become wood as well, as the roots that grow up from the ground encircle and entwine themselves around your legs, and continue to spread up your body. Feel the straightening in your spine as you become a trunk, feel the energy rising from the Earth up into your stomach, into your heart, into your head. Feel your arms become branches that grow, stretch, and reach for the sky, drinking in the light of the sun and changing it into energy. Feel your crown open as it fills with light, which then flows down into your roots and into the Earth.
  5. Mountain Meditation. Visualize, see, feel, or simply be aware of your body becoming a mountain, turning into stone. We see only the tips of mountains, their roots run deep into the Earth. Feel your legs and lower body anchoring into the bedrock and stone of the Earth, and the feelings of peace and calmness that come with it. Become the base of the mountain as it grows upwards and reaches into the sky. Feel your crown as the top of the mountain, where the Earth and sky meet and mingle; the connection of these two opposite spectrums that are in perpetual balance.




Since I know I’ll be asked at some point, these are the definitions I work with.

Hex: a bending of luck, for good or ill.  Often in its harmful form it is referred to as an “eyebite,” an “ill-wishing,” or “the evil eye.”  It can also be cast as a well-wishing.

Crossing: sometimes referred to as an “overlook,” it is a persistent spell of opposition which prevents a person from having good luck or achieving a goal.

Blasting: an evocation of power used to cause destruction to a person.

Blight: also sometimes conflated with “withering,” it is usually a spell cast upon someone’s health or on living things, which causes them to fade and die.

Sending: a common form of magic used to afflict someone, it occasionally involves sending spirits at them, or perhaps sending them dreams (nightmares, usually).  Symptoms often include those of hauntings or visitations.

Curse: a powerful enchantment that transforms some aspect of the subject’s inner self into a plague upon all who encounter it.  Cursed objects bring misfortune not only to themselves but to others- the same is true of cursed animals or people.  Like a blessing, a curse is progressive and durable, and the only way to break one is to change the subject so that the spell no longer can afflict them.

Hopefully that helps.


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